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Note: No homework is given to the students of Class I and II studying in the school.

The Founder of Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust

Late Shri Kirorimal Luhariwala





A Benign Tribute.

A seed sown by you

Has grown into a large tree

It is loaded with so many fruit.

Of knowledge, optimism and charity.

Providing the shade of guidance and care

To the inquisitive, innocent young ones.

Who are like little birds

Chirruping, learning and flying away.

All of us, KMPians, are treading towards

The Path of humanity and brotherhood,

Shown by our benevolent patriarch,

the great soul Seth Kirorimal Luhariwala.




K.M. Public School is a dynamic and innovative English medium premier institution of Bhiwani. The imposing building is spread over 4 acres consisting of an Administrative Block, a Junior wing for primary classes, a Middle wing for secondary classes and a Senior wing for higher classes besides a vast play ground in the heart of the city. The school was founded in the year 1991 with only hundred students and only three teachers. It has grown into a full fledged Senior Secondary school affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. While satisfying the usual curriculum requirements the school specially aims at developing a tolerant, balanced, independent attitude with a spirit of service to the cause of education. The school''s moto is "Labour Omnia Vincit i.e. Labour Always Wins."

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